The Beambar4T is a multiple infrared Beam device designed specifically for timing applications. With a response time of 1mS it is ideal for applications which require accurate time measurement. Four time multiplexed beams are arranged with a separation of 75mm, an output being generated if two adjacent beams are broken. The Beambar4T is housed in a white ABS box 300mm long x 44mm wide x 254mm deep, allowing a very compact installation. Additional fixings are provided which permit a wide range of installation options. Installation is facilitated by the provision of several features such as test LEDs for each beam and automatic gain reduction during installation.


  • Number of beams: 4
  • Modulation: Time Division Multiplex
  • Alignment Angle: 17 degrees
  • Range: 4 metres (maximum)
  • LED indications: 4, each indicating the status of one beam
  • Current consumption: 10mA (typ)
  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 15 Volts d.c.
  • Dimensions: 300mm high
  • 44mm wide
  • 22mm deep
  • Output: open collector transistor
  • Detection time 1mS

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