Beambar 4

The Beambar 4 is a multiple infrared Beam device for short range internal use. Four time multiplexed beams are arranged with a separation of 75mm, an alarm being generated if two adjacent beams are broken. Its unique expansion capability allows a complete barrier of almost limitless height to be formed by stacking units together. Such a barrier provides a tightly controlled detection area with a very high probability of detection. The Beambar 4 is housed in a white ABS box 300mm long x 44mm wide x 254mm deep, allowing a very compact and attractive installation. Additional fixings are provided which permit a wide range of installation options. Installation is facilitated by the provision of several features such as test LEDs for each beam, automatic gain reduction during installation, and environmental outputs are provided which will warn of impending problems.

The Beambar 4 may be used in a variety of internal situations as part of a security or safety installation

  • as a replacement for conventional wire in tube installations
  • protection of perimeter windows, skylights, doors and walls
  • protection of paintings and valuable articles
  • trap protection in corridors or rooms.

It can also be used as a warning or safety device to isolate hazardous machines or areas.


Number of beams: 4

  • Modulation: Time Division Multiplex
  • Alignment Angle: 17 degrees
  • Range: 4 metres (maximum)
  • LED indications: 4, each indicating the status of one beam
  • Environmental Output: Clean relay contacts. Open when one or more beams is open.
  • Master/Slave configuration: Automatic detection on power-up. Master outputs report conditions on all units (masters and slaves).
  • Current consumption: 60mA (typ)
  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 15 Volts d.c.
  • Dimensions: 300mm high
  • 44mm wide
  • 22mm deep
  • Master to slave: 6 core
  • Tx to Rx: 7 core plus one for each slave
  • Severance of cables between Tx and Rx or between master and slave will lead to an alarm being generated.


The transmitter and receiver may be mounted either directly on to the wall (with the beams parallel to the wall) or at 90 degrees using the supplied bracket. Alternatively, the bracket may be used to mount either unit continuously through 180 degrees.

Clean relay contacts are provided for the alarm (two adjacent beams broken) and environmental (any single beam broken) outputs. Cabling for a single unit consists of a seven core cable between the transmitter and receiver plus cables to the control equipment as normal.

For multiple unit operation a six core connection is required between master and slave units plus one additional wire between transmitters and receivers.

In a multiple unit installation all units self test on power-up to determine if they are master or slave. Afterwards all interconnection cables are monitored for correct operation and the severance of any cable will lead to an alarm condition.

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