Door Monitor

The DM.1 Door Monitor is designed to be used where there are potential problems for maintaining security of doors in buildings, say large retail stores, when there has to be access during the day for safety reasons (fire doors) but security at night.

The Door Monitor can cover up to eight doors and works in conjunction with standard intruder security control equipment. When the control panel is inactive the fire doors are monitored so that if a door is disabled a sounder in the unit is activated and an indication is provided. While the control panel is active (that is when the security system is set at night) the monitoring is reversed so that an alarm is generated if any of the doors is opened.

A relay is available which may be used in conjunction with the intruder security control equipment to minimise installation costs.

All inputs are monitored for open and short circuit faults. If a fault occurs while the building is occupied, the door monitor will report 'door closed'. If the fault happens while the building is unoccupied, it will react as if the door was opened.


  • Number of circuits: 8
  • Indicators: Red/Green LEDs
  • Indications: Red - Door Closed Green - Door Open Off - System Set (Building Unoccupied)
  • Line Monitoring: 2 off 2K2 Resistors (provided)
  • Line Reporting: Reports if the line is open or short circuit
  • Relay Output: Single Pole Changeover Relay
  • Operation: Operated if all doors are closed Released if any door is open
  • Operating Voltage: 10 to 15 Volts d.c.
  • Current Consumption: 60mA
  • Tamper Protection: Micro switch (contacts normally closed)
  • Size: 150mm x 900mm x 60mm (approximately)

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