Door Siphon System

The Door Siphon System is designed to control entry into restricted areas. Up to 8 doors may be controlled by an operator within the restricted area. At any one time no more than a single door may be opened. Switches and indicators are provided for each side of each door. Personnel leaving the restricted area may open doors independent of operator assistance (provided no other door is open). Personnel entering the area are provided with a Call Switch which alerts the operator to their presence.

A secure entry and exit facility maintains the system integrity while the operators leave the secure area.

At the heart of the system is the Main Control Box with its integral 2 amp power supply. From this a single 5 core cable connects the data and power to the first Door Supervisor Module. This Module collects data from the Call and Release switches, the door contact and the door strike It also provides outputs to activate the door strike and illuminate the Call and Release LEDs. Outputs to the door strike are protected by a thermal fuse which will protect against over current and will automatically reset when the overload is removed.

A major feature of the Door Supervisor Module is its bank of on board LEDs which provide the engineer with instant status information on all aspects of the inputs on the door. Here any wiring problems may be quickly resolved in situ.

The Operatorís Console is connected to the Main control Box via a 5 core cable in a similar manner to the Door Supervisor Module. Additional consoles may be daisy chained to allow operation from various points within the secure area.

A day/night switch on the Main Control Box controls the mode of operation so that a secure method of de-manning the secure area is available.

Each system contains:
1 Operatorís Console
1 Main Control Box
1 Door Supervisor Module for each door
1 Call Switch Module with indicator for each door
1 Release Switch Module with indicator for each door

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