Netiom Link

Netiom-Link works as a pair of devices communicating over an ethernet network. Each Netiom-Link transmits a packet of data to its opposite end containing information about its input status. Upon receipt of this data the receiving device changes its outputs to reflect the new message data.

In this way all 16 inputs on one Netiom –Link are reflected on the outputs of the second Netiom-Link. In a similar way serial data coming into one port will be transmitted out of the serial port of the second Netiom-Link.

Messages between the two modules is sent periodically at a user defined rate. If a change in the input conditions is detected or a new serial data stream is arrives then this period is over-ridden and a new message is sent immediately. In this way network traffic is kept to a minimum while response time is maximised.

One of the outputs can be programmed to show the current status of the link.

Netiom-Link will work over both local and wide area networks such as the internet.

Special interface software is included which can be use to configure Netiom and download web pages via a PCs serial port. Network settings can be manually set or automatically obtained from a DHCP server (usually an ADSL router).


  • # 16 digital inputs.
  • # 16 digital outputs with direct connection to relay and display expansion modules.
  • # Serial port with programmable baud rate.
  • # 10 MIPS ethernet interface.
  • # Will work on local or wide area connections (Internet)
  • # Automatic detection of IP address (DHCP).
  • # Response to Pings.
  • Specification:

  • # Size 110mm x 110mm
  • # Power  12V d.c. at 50mA
  • # Serial Port  Programmable baud rate 2400 to 38400 baud (Handshaking not supported).
  • # Ethernet 10 MIPS via RJ45 connector
  • # Outputs (16) Open collector 50V d.c. at 50mA
  • # Digital Inputs (16) TTL / CMOS / dry contacts (10K ohm pull up).
  • Connections:

  • Digital Inputs
  • Screw terminal or 10 way header.
  • Outputs
  • Screw terminal or 10 way header.
  • Analogue Input
  • Screw terminal
  • Power
  • Screw terminal
  • Serial
  • 9 pin D connector
  • Ethernet
  • RJ45
  • Extension options:

  • Relay Expansion Module
  • LED Display Module
  • Optoisolation Module
  • Downloads for this product:

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