The SOM96L Serial Output Module is designed to be used with IBM PCs and compatibles. Each module has 4 independent single pole changeover relays which can be independently addressed from the PC. Only one unit may be used on each serial port as the SOM96L does not have the addressing capabilities of other SOM products.



  • Remote Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • 4 Independently Controlled Relays on each Module
  • Switches 2 Amps dc/50 Volt ac (1 Amp inductive)
  • Voltage Free Changeover Relay Contacts
  • For Use with IBM PC and Compatibles
  • Compact Size
  • PC to Module Connection via a Standard Lead
  • Communications from the Host is 9600 baud ASCII


  • Process Control
  • Environmental Control
  • CCTV Controllers
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Control of Lamps, Motors, etc

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