SOMsoft Free Software for use with SOM1

Free Windows based software is available which provides a simple interface to the Serial Output Modules. Currently two applications are available:


This application provides an interface for operation of the relay outputs. Buttons are created and assigned to one relay on one module. Operation of the button using the PC mouse controls the relay.Indicators to show the current status of the relay may be placed anywhere on screen, as can decorative and informative rectangle and text elements.

Dead Manís Handle

The object of this application is to provide a means of raising an alarm if someone working alone becomes incapacitated. Two active buttons are displayed in the window. 'Reset' and 'Assistance'. When the application is initiated, a user defined timer is started and if the 'Reset' button is not operated within a pre-set time, one relay on the module is activated. A second relay is activated after a further time out.

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