VIOM is a truly versatile Input/Output Control Module. Each of its 16 outputs may be controlled locally by its own inputs, timers/counters or remotely via the RS232 Serial Port. In local mode the outputs can be controlled by an AND/OR combination of any of the inputs. In addition, delays can be inserted before the output becomes active and then ON and OFF periods can be defined to allow for cyclic operation. Either active high or active low can be individually selected on each output.

Outputs may be controlled from a host via the Serial Port either individually or collectively. The host may also interrogate the module for the current status of the outputs.

Timer/counter registers can be controlled from the inputs or the Serial Port. Thresholds can be defined which can be used to trigger outputs. Values of the registers can be read via the Serial Port.

Inputs can be interfaced with clean contacts or CMOS/TTL outputs and can be defined as active high or active low. They can be programmed to report to a host via the Serial Port either
periodically or on change. Alternatively, the host can interrogate the module and request the status of all inputs.

Dedicated 8 way display and relay modules can be connected directly to the module via ribbon cable.

VIOM is equipped with non volatile memory so that after programming it can be disconnected from the host and work in stand alone mode.

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